Like us, a restless mind, sometimes misunderstood, full of contrasts and nuances, of earth and gold, of light and night, from the most traditional to the most surprising. That’s why we liked him so much.

Philippe Starck is responsible for giving our Teatro Eslava a new soul, for impregnating every corner with his unmistakable surreal and timeless style, a blend of our authentic roots and the sophistication of an unforgettable experience.

Starck is a French architect who first started working in the 1980s, famed for his monumental works and his design and interior design projects, receiving over 12 major awards throughout his professional career, including the Adex Gold Award, the German Ranking Design Award, and the Lifetime Achievement Award from Frame Magazine. He has created unique experiences worldwide, such as La Main Bleue and Les Bains-Douches in Paris, and L’Avenue at Saks in New York.

A new experience that will turn the Teatro Eslava into a space that combines tradition and the purest surrealist, authentic style that goes back to its roots, creating an elegant and enjoyable atmosphere that conveys the humility of our origins and the greatness of our present. A visual and sensory experience that envelops us in everything we do, writes a story to be told and encapsulates all our memories.


I have known many names, but in 150 years I haven’t moved an inch. We were hailed as indecent for doing what no one else did. Perhaps it’s because we served as a symbol of liberty. Perhaps it’s because a ghost lives within our walls. Or maybe it’s because we were the birthplace of Lorca, one of the most important authors of the 20th century, who started here, writing for us.

We have been the soul of a café, a variety hall, a theatre. A concert venue, a nightclub, a television set. We claimed JOY as our surname and became a reference for nightlife in Madrid, all eyes were on us. Today we are the epicentre of the finest experiences in the capital, and no one will forget us once they’ve passed through our door.


Plaza de las Descalzas Car Park
EMT Plaza Mayor Car Park
Center Madrid Car Park

Teatro Eslava – Arenal Street, 11

L1 – L2 – L3 y L5 (Ópera and Sol Stations)

Suburban Train
C3A – C4A – C4B (Sol Station)

Line 133 – 17 -32 – 52